Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

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Status: Protected under the MBTA and/or Section 3503 of the California Fish and Game Code1

  • During recent decades it has expanded its range north
  • Migratory


  • Towns, farms, roadsides, thickets, brushy areas. Favors areas with dense low shrubs and open ground, either short grass or open soil, many kinds of second growth, woodland edges

Feeding Behavior/Diet

  • Captures insects mostly while walking and running on ground
  • Mostly insects and berries. Annual diet is about half insects and other arthropods, half berries and fruits


  • Eggs 3-4
  • Incubation is by female, 12-13 days
  • Young leave the nest about 12 days after hatching, not able to fly well for about another week
  • 2-3 broods per year2

1 HELIX Environmental Planning Carson Creek Preserve Long Term Management Plan Rev 6/15/2021

2 National Audubon Society