Carson Creek Preserve Plan includes 128-acre wetlands, open space, waterways and public trail system. Draft Long-Term Carson Creek Preserve Plan is a contract between U.S. Corp of Engineers, California Fish & Wildlife, Heritage HOA and Golden State Land Conservancy

The 313 page Plan, written by HELIX Environmental on behalf of Lennar, details:

  • Lennar is the current Preserve owner & manager. GSLC & HOA will become the manager and owner
  • A $1,206,401 non-wasting endowment to be established covering costs of the Preserve Manager
  • All other costs and liabilities are the responsibility of the HOA as Preserve Owner
  • There are NO LIMITS on the potential financial impacts on HOA member homeowners
  • HERITAGE HOA is responsible for Preserve costs benefitting the new Lennar development

Plan Issues:

  1. Heritage Park Omitted
  2. Environment Impacts & Report is over 25 years old that found no species of special interest or endangered
  3. Preserve Ownership & Management Reality
  4. HOA Liabilities Trails, Fencing, Catastrophic Events
  5. Comprehensive Preserve Management
  6. Implications of Government Mandates
  7. New Lennar Development Disclosure

Are you interested in learning more about the Carson Creek Preserve or learn how you can get involved we encourage you to contact the CRHV.