El Dorado County Launches New Planning Tool For Public Information

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El Dorado County’s Planning and Building staff launched the “Projects in Your Area” online tool that makes it easier to find the current status of and information about proposed, in-progress, and approved projects in the County. The new tool includes features and functionality community members and officials have requested.

“We’ve heard our citizens’ frustration about the challenges to being able to easily find various pieces of planning information about projects in El Dorado County, and we’re delighted to launch this easy-to-use, interactive and accessible tool today as a way to overcome the barriers to quick and easy information,” said Planning and Building Department director, Karen Garner.

In conjunction with the County’s Information Technology and Surveyor departments, Projects in Your Area allows users to find projects, by clicking the interactive map that is bound by Supervisorial Districts, or by clicking a list of residential, commercial, mixed use, campground/RV, and light industrial projects via alphabetical order, according to type of project.

Project details include a description of the project, the type of application and when it was submitted, the zoning and elevation, the applicant, the APN, assigned planner’s name, a status bar, pertinent documents and maps, and the designated General Plan Land use. One great advantage is to be able to see current projects in relationship to each other on the map. The tool will evolve to include more valuable review process information over time, including a link to CEQA documents and public comment periods.

“While not every project application will be included with this tool, we will include projects with wide public interest within weeks of an application submittal and will be updated until the project has been approved,” said Garner. “Importantly, this new tool eliminates the need for the public to use our TRAKiT system, which can be less intuitive.”

Projects in Your Area will be available on the County’s website and users are not required to create an account to access the information posted.

Click here for the website: Projects In Your Area | Engage El Dorado (engagementhq.com)