CRHV vs EDH CSD Litigation (January 24th 2024)

  • CRHV filed 2nd Amended Brief and Complaint in March 2023
  • Three pre-trial conferences held between attorneys and judge
  • CHRV fully complied with timely documents and interrogatories requested
  • CSD has continually delayed, delivering scattered, unorganized, documents (many irrelevant
    and duplicated) the day and evening before conferences
  • These tactics by CSD Attorney are very costly to the CSD and ultimately taxpayers!
  • 4th pre-trial conference scheduled this month (January)
  • We can expect further delay with last minute documents and Loewen resignation
  • El Dorado County remains firm – CSD’s must comply to codes and permits
  • Heritage Park has become a nuisance for many Heritage Residents
  • HOA sent December letter to Planning Director identifying the parking nuisance and
    requesting EDC action to mitigate the issue, no response yet
  • Resignation of K. Loewen symptomatic of lack of Board oversight
  • Repeated merit raises despite numerous issues raised by public
  • Failed to take immediate action when first advised of DTA issue
  • Initiated internal investigation only after DA/FPPC complaints
  • Internal investigation still not complete nor public (a/o December BoD Meeting)
  • Issues with LLADs, CFDs, and Parks are inexcusable
  • Management of LLADS subject of two recent EDC Grand Jury investigations
  • Lack of compliance with County ordinances
  • Omissions in required legal processes in creating LLADs and CFDs
  • CSD Directors Noele Mattock, and Ben Paulson face 2024 Election
  • Potential opposition candidates, no public announcements