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PARK UPDATE (May 8 2022)

Kevin Loewen now reports the following added delays, needed repairs prior to acceptance, and cost overrun for HERITAGE PARK in El Dorado Hills.

  • Waiting on site amenities (benches, trash cans, tables) that have been backlogged due to supply chain challenges; parking lot striping; trash enclosure and gate painting; replacement of dead/declined plantings.
  • Cost – Project overruns may be experienced due to potential change in bocce court style versus what was installed. Courts per approved plan do not match District “typical” style. Renovation would include resurfacing of 4 bocce courts with bumper boards and score tables. [NOTE: $280,000 added cost]
  • Tennis courts under evaluation for levelness. Checking surface for allowable tolerances. If exceed the threshold, correction will be necessary prior to acceptance.” General Manager’s Report May 12, 2022.