Pallid Bat  (Antrozous pallidus)

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special concern


  • The species has a low potential to roost within the preserve1
  • Maternal colonies and hibernating bats sensitive to disturbance. Loss or modification of foraging habitat, esp. urban development. Species of Special Concern in California


  • Grasslands and deserts
  • Roosts in rock crevices, caves, mine shafts, under bridges, in buildings and tree hollows

Feeding Behavior/Diet

  • Emerges about an hour after sunset
  • Eat, then go to night roosts to digest food, then will hunt again before dawn
  • Crickets, scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers, various other insects


  • Roosts in small colonies of about 12 to 100 bats
  • Forms nursery colonies, bears one or two pups each year, which nurse 6-8 weeks
  • Able to fly at about 6 weeks2

1 HELIX Environmental Planning Carson Creek Preserve Long Term Management Plan Rev 6/15/2021