Last Wednesday, August 24, the Concerned Residents of El Dorado Hills Heritage Village filed the attached Amended Complaint in response to filings by the Defendants. This Amended Complaint expands the original complaint to illiterate the violations and omissions of El Dorado County General and Specific plans, Zoning, Parking and Loading, and Outdoor Lighting Ordinances, and the El Dorado County (EDC) Building Permit processes committed by the EDH Community Services District (CSD) and Lennar Homes. As did the EDC Building and Planning Department in their July 11, 2022, letter notifying the EDH CSD and Lennar of the violations by the defendants, this complaint also asks the Court to order the Defendants to comply with the laws and legal processes required by El Dorado County.

Despite public proclamations by EDH CSD Directors and General Manager of “political actions”, the CRHV is confident that the Court will order the Defendants to comply with the pertinent laws and regulations before allowing Heritage Park to open.