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CRHV filed a complaint for declaratory relief, injunctive relief, and writ of mandate petition with the El Dorado County Superior Court to protect the quality of life and environmental impacts of Heritage Park. Defendants are El Dorado Hills Community Services District (CSD) and Lennar Homes of California. Donations to the legal fund are appreciated.

We ask the Court to intercede on Heritage Park operations until EDHCSD and Lennar satisfactorily address the negative impacts. For over a year, we have attempted to work constructively with EDHCSD and Lennar to mitigate the impacts of Heritage Park on our quality of life and environment. Regrettably, on Thursday, May 12, the EDHCSD Board of Directors and GM Loewen affirmed an intent to open the Park before resolving issues including intrusive lighting trespass, 50-foot stadium lights, safety, noise, unfair assessments, increased traffic, public nuisance, faulty courts, and harm to endangered, threatened and special concern species in the Carson Creek Preserve. This was a challenging decision, but the CRHV Board of Directors felt no other option remained.

CRHV’s action involves the enforcement of important rights affecting the Heritage community and the general public interest by conferring a substantial benefit on the citizens of El Dorado Hills and El Dorado County. The complaint documents nuisance claims, inconsistencies with County policies, non-disclosure, unfair assessments, harm to the wetlands, and other issues. We also establish our good-faith attempts to negotiate.

Filing the complaint is the first step in the legal processes. Additional information will be posted as the case evolves. For specific questions, ask us at info@crhv.org.