Description of Project: Project consists of 14 development lots (64.22 acres) and two open space parcels (2.65 acres) of Research and development uses ranging from 840,000 SF to 1,000,000 SF of building.

Project would require the expansion of Carson Crossing Road to Latrobe and greatly increase traffic in the area. Thousands of additional vehicle trips are anticipated. Under the proposal, if unchallenged, Carson Crossing Road would become a traffic loop from White Rocks Road to Latrobe Road. While unrelated to the Amazon Project Frontier, the impacts on Heritage residents will be significant. CRHV encourage everyone learn about this proposal and become active in preserving the quality of our life and the environment.

The proposal will be discussed during the June 21 EDH APAC meeting APAC Meeting Agendas – El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee (

The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee (EDH APAC) would like to offer the following questions, concerns, and comments on the proposed Carson Creek R & D Project