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HERITAGE CLOSING DOCUMENT #93. “Potential Street Widening. Seller received information from the County of El Dorado that Carson Crossing Drive may be widened into a four-lane divided road in the future. The timing of the street widening is uncertain and it is at the sole and absolute discretion of the County”. There is the possibility of a Carson Crossing/Empire Ranch HWY 50 Exchange.

CRHV began research by requesting documents from the County under the Public Records Act and review of public statements from sources such as the El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee (APAC).

CRHV Initiated a meeting between County Supervisor George Turnboo, County Director of Transportation (DOT) Rafael Martinez, and South EDH (delegates from CRHV, Blackstone HOA, and Four Seasons Civic League)

  • The Carson Crossing leg would necessitate a four-land road
  • No noise or traffic studies have completed for the impact on residents in the Island, Primavera or Heritage homes near Carson Crossing Road
  • Widening of Carson Crossing conceivably could be financed by an increase in Mello Roos assessments

CRHV is working with Supervisor Turnboo for an on-site line-of-sight safety review be conducted involving DOT, EDH Fire, and EDC Sherriff … AND Heritage residents.

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