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Concerned Residents of EDH Heritage Village nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to the quality of life and environment


The Concerned Residents of EDH Heritage Village want to wish our community’s members a happy holiday season and a special thank you for making our first year impactful.

As CHRV begins our second year serving the heritage community, we want to extend our gratitude for your support and encourage your active participation in new challenges. With the transition of the Heritage Homeowners Association to residents’ control, we are eager to embrace a new spirit of cooperation and the achievement of mutually beneficial goals. As the HOA focuses on the internal well-being of the Heritage community, CRHV will continue working on externally facing activities, including the Park, public safety, traffic, privacy, Carson Creek nature preserve preservation, and proposals for surrounding development. Where goals intersect, we welcome open and transparent exchanges.

CRHV operates based on the contributions of volunteer time and monies. Over 200 heritage residents made financial donations to support CRHV activities, including the ongoing legal action. Tax-free contributions will continue to be needed. The involvement of Heritage residents is of great importance in shaping our direction and making things happen. There are many opportunities to participate, including leadership roles at all levels. To get more involved, drop us a note at

We plan a CRHV Community Forum early next year and regular informal discussion sessions through the auxiliary Concerned Residents Civic Club. For now, here is a quick update:

  • Heritage residents sent a loud message to the EDH Community Services District (CSD) by overwhelming voting by a 92% YES vote to repeal and refund the Park LLAD assessment. We can expect push-back from CSD, so stay tuned should we need to take additional action.
  • Over the past year, Heritage residents received multiple tax refunds based on CRHV efforts in cooperation with County Audit/Controller Joe Harn and Supervisor George Turnboo. Depending on closing dates, homeowners received refunds ranging from $75.00 to over $800.00. The refusal of Mr. Harn to collect LLAD assessments also reduced our current tax bills by $154.00. CSD sued the Assessor/Controller and El Dorado County. CRHV stands in support of fair taxation.
  • CRHV’s litigation against CSD is moving through the Superior Court. The writ of mandate seeks compliance with the Carson Creek Specific Plan and county codes/ordinance at Heritage Park. CSD opened with Park without securing use permits and required inspections. To be clear, CRHV is not anti-park but seeks to protect our quality of life, safety, privacy, unwarranted intrusions, and the environment. To date, CSD has been evasive in its responses. A lawsuit is costly to all parties and unfortunate but regrettably necessary.
  • Discussion with El Dorado County officials on Carson Creek Road has confirmed long-term plans to widen it to four lanes with a possible connection to other roadways. However, there are no imminent plans nor secured funding sources. EDC has assured CRHV that we will be part of any future decisions. We must remain focused as plans and funding discussions crystallize.
  • The Carson Creek preserve issues are in flux. The previous HOA Board provided Lennar the right to negotiate and finalize the preserve’s long-term plan, including HOA ownership roles and obligations. The Preserve Easement Agreement excluded review by residents of related
  • documents. Believing residents have the right to know, CRHV has submitted Public Record Act and Freedom of Information requests. Documents will be posted on the website when available. We are deeply committed to preserving our environmental treasure.
  • CRHV is looking into possibly using the ballot initiative to control the issuance of new bonds that could increase our Mello-Roos assessments. Of the original $50 million Heritage infrastructure funding, a portion of the bonds has not been issued. A repeal action might be possible to curtail additional Mello-Roos special taxation. This repeal would not impact our existing bond commitments. What do you think? Should we proceed with this analysis?
  • If you have information, observations, questions, experiences, praise, or complaints about Heritage Park and the trail, we want to pass them along to the appropriate authorities. Forward your comments to Should physical intrusion or break-ins occur, contact the Sheriff’s office (530) 621-5655 or 911 for emergencies and the HOA front desk.
  • CRHV volunteers were involved in many activities aimed at improved safety. For example, working with the HOA, volunteers spent a weekend painting curbs red for no parking, a benefit already noted with overflow Park vehicle parking. Join us in future events and adventures.
  • As a final note, CRHV is funded entirely by noting negotiation by notation donations that are tax exempt. For those of you who have already generously donated, do not forget to take your deduction on your federal and state income taxes.

We have many other items to cover, but for now, let us close with a sincere thank you and a wish for a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.


CRHV Board of Trustees and Corporate Officers

Bonnie Bergner, Rick Burgardt, Roberta Chisam, LeeAnn Faucett, Michele Morey, Laura Rosen, George Steed, Corde Wagner, Roberta Ward, Bob Williams, Sue Williams