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EDH CSD Board voted to ignore Measure H

The majority EDH CSD Board voted to ignore Measure H that over 91% of Heritage voters approved during the November general election to repeal special assessments of Heritage Park. Four Board members including Steve Ferry voted to institute a new assessment requiring Heritage residents to pay for 78.8% of the operational and maintenance cost for the park. During the meeting, CSD’s attorney and Board members misrepresented facts to justify this improper action. We believe the CSD Board action to be an outrageous violation of public trust. Listen to the CSD meeting segments go to minute marker 2.24.40 Regular Board of Directors Meeting – June 08, 2023 – Zoom

Proposal for 880,000 to 1.1 million sq/ ft “industrial wholesale warehouse”

While the massive AMAZON distribution center is now history, the County is now reviewing another similar application. The proposal for 880,000 to 1.1 million sq/ ft “industrial wholesale warehouse distribution buildings” at Golden Foothills and Latrobe (behind the Tractor Supply) would require the expansion of Carson Crossing Road to Latrobe and greatly increase traffic in the area. Thousands of additional vehicle trips are anticipated. Under the proposal, if unchallenged, Carson Crossing Road would become a traffic loop from White Rocks Road to Latrobe Road. The proposal was discussed during the June 21 EDH APAC meeting APAC Meeting Agendas – El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee ( While unrelated to the Amazon Project Frontier, the impacts on Heritage residents will be significant. We encourage everyone learn about this proposal and become active in preserving the quality of our life and the environment.

97 foot monopine cell tower on Robert Mathews Road

Verizon Communications has submitted a conditional use permit to construct a 97 foot monopine cell tower on Robert Mathews Road, just a few feet from Carson Crossing. As illustrated from the attached pictures, the tower will be clearly visible to Heritage residents. The proposal is in its early stages, so opportunities to publicly comment will be an option for us.