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Heritage Park Saga

  • The Board of Directors of the CSD approved the Heritage Park design and project at its meeting in December, 2017.
  • Later the concept of the park was changed from the original Carson Creek Specific Plan for the Heritage Village development from a neighborhood park into a city-wide park by the Community Services District (CSD) in cooperation with Lennar.
  • Only the residents of Heritage Village are being assessed LLAD fees for the maintenance of Heritage Park.
  • On July 11, 2019, the Board of Directors of the CSD approved the final proposal for construction of Heritage Park which Lennar submitted. The park project had already been out to bid by contractors. The list of amenities included: a restroom, 5 parking lot lights, 5 tennis court lights, 2 bocce court lights, 4 pickle ball court lights, an upgrade to the electrical service for the lighting load, bocce courts, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, etc.
  • Due to lobbying by early residents of Heritage, Heritage Park was designated in 2020 by the Board of Directors of the Community Services District (CSD) as “dawn to dusk”.
  • January 2021, 50 ft. stadium lights were installed over the sports courts to allow for “premier top level competitive sports play”.
  • Because of resident complaints, Lennar Corp. has agreed to remove the 50 ft. lights at its own expense and has asked the CSD to authorize the removal of the lights.
  • CSD has yet to agree to the request and Lennar’s agreement to pay to remove the lights.